Kindergarten Curriculum

Language Arts
  • Curriculum: Superkids
  • Goals: Implement and support book skills, word analysis, phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding skills, vocabulary, fluency, sight word practice and comprehension.
  • Reading is taught in whole groups and small reading groups.
  • Shared Reading takes place in a whole group setting where a Big Book is displayed for all to see. Children are encouraged to participate in the lesson focus by sharing ideas (such as predictions or connections) and read along with the teacher (to practice decoding skills, etc.)
  • Read Aloud takes place in a whole group setting where a book is read aloud by the teacher. Children are encouraged to participate in the lesson focus by sharing ideas. Read Aloud lessons often focus on giving opinions, making connections, doing a character study, learning about story structure, etc.
  • Targeted instruction takes place in a small group setting. The teacher supports students as they learn various reading strategies. Teachers differentiate the instruction to reach individuals' reading needs and abilities.

  • Writing Curriculum: Superkids
  • Goals: Stretch out sounds to write words, write complete sentences with proper spacing, use capital letters correctly at the beginning of sentences and for names, use proper punctuation, express ideas clearly with detail, write fluently, provide a picture to match, etc.
  • Students will have many opportunities throughout the year to explore many types of writing genres, including narrative, informative, and opinion.

  • Curriculum: Bridges Math Program
  • Goals: Flexibility with numbers, number sense, and geometric relationships.
  • The program focuses on problem solving, hands-on activities, sharing ideas, practice through games, daily routines, and on-going review. The program also includes a 20 minute "Number Corner" lesson in addition to our regular math time that includes calendar work, games, and critical thinking exercises.

Social Studies
  • Units include: All About Me, Citizens and Communities, Maps and Neighborhoods, American Symbols, and Holidays Around the World.
  • Much of the curriculum is integrated into the literacy block, math time, and arts and crafts.

  • Units include: Properties of Matter; Plants; Day, Night and the Sky; Change and Movement of Matter; and Heat and Temperature
  • We use the Discovery Education curriculum for science that integrates literacy, technology, and hands-on experiments to teach students a wide range of topics. Students also learn about the Scientific Method during our Science Boot Camp each year.

Specials: Computer Lab, Music, Art, PE
  • All Specials classes balance the year by teaching their own curriculum core standards and the work we do in the classroom.